About us

The MARCONI Capital Group has been present on the market for over 30 years. It is one of the fastest growing companies in the region. We provide medical services since 2003, which is more than 16 years now. We provide services such as long-term nursing in-home care, outpatient rehabilitation, and in-home rehabilitation. Since 2015, we provide seniors with 24-hour care at the Marconi Senior Home.

As part of our offer, we provide care as well as medical services in the field of nursing and rehabilitation. We provide optimal living conditions for all our residents, assuring quality of life and the sense of security and dignity.

Our company has been honored with many awards, including the “GRYF ŚWIDNICKI” statuette in the 11th edition of the economic awards in the “GRYF BEZ BARIER” category, the “MUFLONY” Economic Plebiscite or the Lower Silesian Economic Plebiscite “GWAZDY BUSINESU 2019”.

The Management Board of the Marconi Group, being aware of corporate social responsibility, engage in activities such as sponsorship of “DUATHLON ŚWIDNICA” – a new classic road race on the map of Poland, and co-organization of the “MARCONI INDOOR TRIATHLON ŚWIDNICA”.


The Marconi Senior Home is a modern facility providing comprehensive 24-hour care for the elderly, disabled, and those suffering from chronic illnesses. Our residents can choose to stay in double or triple rooms with a bathroom and free access to the dining room, clubroom, rehabilitation rooms and activity rooms. Our building and the garden have no architectural barriers.

We put a lot of emphasis on the safety and security of our residents – the building and the surrounding garden are fenced. The access for outside visitors is controlled. All rooms are also fitted with fire detectors. The rooms in our facility are spacious, with rehabilitation beds that ensure optimal independence and freedom of movement. They are operated by remote control which allows the user to easily choose the appropriate position for themselves. Each bed is equipped with paging system, bedside table, room lighting with switches right next to the beds, table with chairs, wardrobe and a TV set. Each room has a bathroom with an easy-access shower. The rooms and bathrooms have no architectural barriers.

As part of 24-hour care, in addition to permanent stays, we also offer:

TEMPORARY STAYS – this offer is addressed to people whose carers cannot provide care during vacation, leave or in other urgent situations. During temporary stay, we provide professional medical care, comfortable accommodation in double or triple rooms with bathroom, access to the dining room, clubroom, rehabilitation and activity rooms. Our guests can also take part in all the activities available during permanent stay.

REHABILITATION STAYS – this offer is addressed to people who have suffered from strokes, heart attacks, orthopedic traumas or surgery. During the stay, it is possible to purchase rehabilitation packages of professional physiotherapy services. Qualified physiotherapists are available to our patients 5 days a week.

CHRISTMAS STAYS – this offer is designed for elderly patients who cannot spend time with their family. Our guests will spend Christmas in company and in a joyful, home-like atmosphere. During Christmas stays, seniors can participate in all the activities that are available for permanent stays.

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The MARCONI Senior Home invites all seniors who for various reasons cannot or do not want to stay at home during the day for daytime stays in a leisurely and joyful atmosphere. Our daytime stay offer is addressed to people whose carers cannot provide professional care during the day. You will be provided with three meals a day, free access to the dining room, clubroom, activity rooms. Seniors coming for daytime stay can take part in all the activities available to guests staying with us permanently.


The MARCONI Senior Home is professional care combined with a warm and family-like atmosphere. We celebrate holidays together with our guests. Please like our Facebook page to keep up to date with all the events at our facility.



The MARCONI Senior Home is a place where residents can take advantage of daytime professional medical care and rehabilitation. At the Marconi Senior Home, seniors are under permanent care and supervision of qualified nurses and carers, as well as doctors, physiotherapists and dietitians. We cooperate with a primary care clinic. As part of the cooperation, our residents are visited by a general practitioner, who constantly controls the health of our wards. All GP services are reimbursed by the National Health Fund.

In the field of specialist outpatient care, we provide services for a fee in the form of outcalls by medical specialists, psychologist, psychiatrist, neurologist, rheumatologist and orthopedic surgeon. We also provide physiotherapeutic care through paid rehabilitation packages. For patients with certified major disabilities – refunds under the NFZ (National Health Fund).


The MARCONI Senior Home offers comprehensive physiotherapy thanks to a direct connection to the Marconi Medica Rehabilitation Center (Ośrodek Rehabilitacyjny Marconi Medica) located at ul. Rzeźnicza 13. The center is comprehensively equipped with physiotherapeutic equipment and provides services in the field of kinesiotherapy, physical therapy, phototherapy, physical balneology and magnetic field treatment. We employ over 20 qualified physiotherapists and masseurs working according to proven methods of therapeutic improvement, including such as PNF, McKenzi, Manual Therapy, Kinesiotaping.

The offer of physiotherapeutic procedures is designed especially for those with orthopedic disorders. Certified physiotherapists work with proven techniques for quick recovery after a surgery, accident or other injury. We also offer neurological rehabilitation (stroke, cerebral and cranial trauma…) and cardiac rehabilitation (infarct, ischemic disease, hypertension…)



The MARCONI Senior Home offers at least 3 meals a day, including dietary meals in accordance with specific recommendations. Meals are prepared by a catering company with considerable experience in the nutrition of the elderly. The meals are tailored to the individual needs of residents under the watchful eye of a dietitian. While composing meals, the nutritionist follows the principles of proper nutrition for seniors. These are three basic rules: diversity in product and food selection, regular meals, energy balance.

The meals at the Marconi Senior Home are served regularly, the dishes are varied, hot meals are served on a regular basis. By serving our seniors nutritious meals, we make sure they receive the appropriate doses of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and proteins. Not only do we know that proper diet is the key to health and well-being, but we also apply this principle, making every effort to ensure that our residents follow a proper diet.


The MARCONI Senior Home cares about the spiritual and religious needs of our residents.  Our residents are visited by priest from the parish of St. Stanislaw and Vaclav in Świdnica on a regular basis.  The priest offers the residents spiritual support, celebrates Holy Mass and administers the sacraments as requested by the residents. We are open to ecumenical and integral cooperation, also caring for the spiritual and religious needs of the residents staying at the Marconi Senior Home, showing respect for religious and cultural diversity.



The MARCONI Senior Home is equipped with video monitoring and alarm and paging system. Some of the residents of our Senior Home have difficulty functioning by themselves. Both the paging and video surveillance system assure immediate assistance for the residents of the MARCONI Senior Home always when needed.


The MARCONI Senior Home provides workshops as part of occupational therapy conducted by therapists with many years of experience. Residents can actively spend time outdoors in organized garden activities, joint walks and outdoor events. We organize creative workshops, culinary workshops, cinema and theater visits, computer workshops and more. In addition, there is also the possibility of spending time in the clubroom or with others. Recovery is not only associated with the improvement of physical but also mental ability.

Therefore, therapy in our home takes different forms. They include motor therapies, intellectual and manual therapies, which have proven to be highly effective for keeping the elderly active in the true sense of the word. Multi-therapy promotes the sense of community with other residents. In many patients it can contribute to the renewal of traits and abilities that have been lost as a result of illness or undesirable neurological or physical changes. We know the vital role of therapy in meeting the needs of self-fulfillment and constant contact with people. At our facility, group therapies mostly consist of group activities. Nevertheless we can provide individual therapy for the residents whenever required.